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Get your slice of the Electra Sales Discount.

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* In April 2020 we reduced our line charges for most customers with $3 million going back into our community. Did you see a reduction on your power bill? Click the link above to 2020's campaign for more information.

** If you were an active Electra customer on 31 January 2021 you’re eligible. Please let us know if you have moved house during the year or changed retailer – call 0800 353 2872 or click here to email us.

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Electra's 2020 reduced line charges?

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Last year we reduced line charges by $3 million.*

Now we’re delighted to give you your share of the $5.8 million Electra Sales Discount. Payable to all customers directly connected to the Electra Network and credited to your February power bill.** Another great benefit of Electra, your local lines company in Kāpiti and Horowhenua.

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Check out this example bill – please note actual amounts will vary.

And while you’re saving money, why not check out
They are independent and can make sure you get the best deal for your electricity.

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